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In 1906, Norwalk Vault Company was founded to manufacture burial vault molds. The company was reorganized in 1972 to become Norwalk Precast Molds, Inc. and immediately set out to establish precast as the economical, versatile choice over poured in place concrete. We quickly grew into an industry leader. This Catalog of Precast Molds presents our patented HYDRA-STRIP Design equipment and related items for precast concrete manufacturers, excavating contractors and design engineers. Our highly trained and experienced work force manufactures and tests every mold and all our HYDRA-STRIP Design production equipment in our steel fabrication plant in Norwalk, Ohio U.S.A.

Ask any of our customers, “What’s the number one benefit that separates us from the competition?” The answer will be, “Quality.” Everyone will agree that a Norwalk HYDRA-STRIP mold lasts longer, is easier to control, is more economical and performs better than any other. We attribute that dependable quality to our HYDRA-STRIP Design, the very latest in automated precasting equipment.



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